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The Elemental Plane should have been established as the domain of the black dragonflight, much like the green rules over the Emerald Dream. The plot would be that Deathwing is trying to spill the elemental plane into Azeroth. We don't need to see him directly commanding the elemental lords.

The Elemental Plane itself should be its own new continent, with 4 zones (1 per element), distributed like:

* Outland, with floating isles of each element.
* Prison-bubbles for each element, kinda like Deepholm.
* Giant prison-bubble for all elements, like Deepholm as well. The elemental lords would be fighting each other constantly.

Both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor would get 2 new zones each (the same ones we got with Cataclysm could work), that would be the merging point for each plane. There would be huge ass portals on each, and we would need to close them down.

Deathwing's final objective would be to restart Azeroth to cleanse it of corruption. So, he wouldn't be a pawn of the Old Gods, at least willingly/knowingly. Wrathion could be an intentional plan of Deathwing, too.

Old God presence would be reduced to a minimum, or appear as secondary villains. Same for the Twilight's Hammer. Deathwing would be eventually corrupted by the Old Gods, and we would need to kill him.

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