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Originally Posted by Patrick_C View Post
There may be a conceptual one.
Which state more closely resembles freedom, multiple possibilities? Life. Organic life, ever-evolving, ever-changing, relentlessly adapting. Which one more closely resembles the perfect stagnation that the Light supposedly wants? Death. Eternal slumber.
Working towards a goal is never without its turns, highs and lows, triumphs and losses. It might not even end up the way it was devised, but that depends on the will and reason of people implementing it, and their ability to make their vision real adequately in the ever-changing circumstances.

That is a thing about any endeavour that has a broad scope. Same is correct for any historical project with a sufficient perspective. A project is based on an acknowledgement that current conditions do not meet the criteria and it strives to change them for the sake of what is considered a better state of affairs, which in turn can be achieved only by changing the people, subjects of a project, by giving them new qualities. Think of, say, the Enlightenment -- at its core, it was a lot like this.

To quote a character from another Blizzard universe, "intent [is] static, product [is] fluid".

"Life", the way you have described it, is without a goal and reason; nothing drives it towards anything because of nothing. At max it just adapts to the circumstances. Titans, as far as we know, were the first to actually direct it according to the mission they have taken on themselves: to order the universe, stave the Void away and help other world-souls shape.

Think of it as education: it introduces structures and complexity where there was none, so the "medium" (i.e. a child, a person, etc.) can first access that which was done before it, and then be able, at max, to create something on its own, or at least operate in the created environment that is culture. It's more than heuristics, and certainly more than just casting a supposedly never changing brick; it's development.

That is another reason why I find the idea of "Light-forging" and such absurd. Previously Light was supposed to be a personal life-long endeavour, a project which necessitated changing oneself, a tao, so to say, to be actively pursued and a worldview which can't be realized without having discriminating convictions ("is\is not"; etc.) and entailing, but freely made actions of consequence. Following Light had an intersubjective purpose but also a profound influence on individual subjects. A person was limiting, straining oneself for the sake of achieving another state; he didn't "die", or become "stagnant", or "devoid of personality" -- it was this same person, but with a different set of qualities that were results of his\her conscious efforts, not some windchime's imprint.

Something that has an intent and acts under ever-changing circumstances can't be "static". It endures, builds, and either achieves or fails -- again and again, if it doesn't give up or can't act anymore. A realized project also "lives" in the sense that it has to react, improve, mend that which is broken. Complex systems like these don't function and reproduce "on their own", they require conscious maintenance by participants, which quite an effort in itself. That necessitates a tradition.

While "life" stirs, a conscious subject with a purpose evaluates, considers and acts. There is no stagnance in that. It's either that, or have "change" itself be of greatest value, and become a derivative complement of abstract "nature", "progress" or even "fate" (the latter makes Light's portrayal in Legion even more absurd).
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