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Neutral Building Scenario II

Riding high on the tides of victory after the death of Sargeras and the shattering of Xoroth, the Horde and Alliance turned their attentions to the root of the problem itself, the Titanic Pantheon. After a long and vicious siege of the colossal Titan Mothership, AmaníThul fell before the might of Azerothís elite champions. Many of these legendary soldiers of fortune were the same responsible for destroying Illidan the Betrayer, Lich King Arthas, Neltharion the Black, Queen Azshara, KilíJaeden, Tichondrius and Sargeras himself. These heroes were afforded the greatest honor imaginable for their skill and daring on the field of battle and in defense of mortalityís future, and were granted free rein in the sacking of the ruined Mothership.

But then the nations of Azeroth made a crucial mistake. They invited their champions back to that planet.

Dissatisfied with the life of peace and prosperity their overwhelming force had bought for their people, many of the veterans of the Age of Warcraft coalesced into roving bands of mercenaries called Guilds. The Age of Peace was short-lived, as without a clear threat at which to focus their destructive energies, these Guilds would frequently turn on the establishments for which they had once fought so hard. So began the dark Age of Anarchy.

It was a period of bloody massacres and terrible atrocities, as in the names of new gods called Experience, Gold and Loot children turned upon their parents and sibling murdered sibling for the superficial rewards glorified by the emergent Cult of Raiding. The first of the Dark Raids was conducted against Bolvar Fordragon, the sleeping Lich King of Northrend. Icecrown spire was shattered and the New Scourge destroyed within a year after the fall of the Pantheon, but in truth there was no glory to be found there. Bolvar was unconscious, and the reflexive psychic flares he emanated in response to the attack were no match for soldiers who had gone toe to toe with the Highfather Himself.

Still thirsty for blood, many Guilds spent the next five years exterminating the so-called Ďmonstersí that yet Ďplaguedí Azeroth. In this time, the Quillboar, the Murloc, the Gnoll, the Kobold, the Vrykul, the Tuskarr, the Centaur, the Trogg, the Ogre, the Furbolg, the Harpy, the Makrura, the Magnataur, the Satyr and the aboriginal Troll were all hunted to extinction, along with countless other minor races. Insatiable, the heroes turned their sights to more daring targets.

The next seven years saw various Guilds target and destroy Ramkahen, the budding nation of Hearthglen, Azjol-Nerub, AhníQiraj, the Earthen Ring, the elemental planes of Earth and Water, Pandaria and Dalaran. The sovereign nations of the Horde and Alliance looked on in dismay as their increasingly frantic orders to cease and desist went unheeded.

The Black King Wrathion saw all this and knew that his time was fast approaching. Gathering around himself the remnants of the five Dragonflights, as well as the Ancients of Hyjal, the Cenarion Circle and the Ebon Blade, he prepared an elaborate and apparently impenetrable fortress on the summit of Mount Hyjal. Reports from the period indicate that he sent multiple agents to Outland at the same time, though the purpose behind these expeditions is still unknown. When the Guilds finished wiping out the weaker of the so-called neutral factions and turned their attention to the Black Banner, the dragonking was ready for them. Five Alliance and seven Horde Guilds were wiped out in the assault on Hyjal before an Alliance raid led by a famous Gnommish dragon hunter broke through the outer defenses. His Guild went on to kill Alexstrasza, Nozdormu and Wrathion, while two Horde Guilds took out the Ebon Blade and the Green Dragonflight respectively and another Alliance Guild put down the so-called gods of the Kaldorei. Wrathion put up a tremendous fight, and over three quarters of the dragon hunterís Guild was dead before he managed to slay the beast, but in the end the deed was done and the mountain was torched.

If the mortal nations thought the War of the Black Banner was the end to their troubles, they could not have been more wrong. Still hungry for carnage, and robbed of any third parties to destroy, the Guilds turned on their own families. Stormwind was the first great city to fall, as a formerly Alliance Guild tore the streets apart in their never-ending Ďquestí for loot. Anduin Wrynn was murdered along with the entire elite guard within his palace and what survivors fled to the surrounding countryside were hunted down and slaughtered.

The madness spread throughout the world. Teldrassil was next, followed by Undercity and Orgrimmar. Ironforge was sealed, but two Alliance and one Horde Guild managed to infiltrate the city anyway. They fought their way to the throne room, where legend holds that they rolled dice for the honor of slaughtering the High Council. The Horde Guild won, and engaged High Thanes Moira, Muradin and Falstad before resurrecting the petrified Magni as some kind of sick bonus challenge. The Alliance Guilds, meanwhile, looted the city, murdering any civilians they found along the way.

The surviving powers of the world looked on in horror, and turned their desperate attention to their own security. LoríThemar Theron managed to escape Silvermoon just minutes before the Guilds arrived at his gates, having stationed a decoy in his place at the palace. The Horde Guild didnít notice the difference, and happily slaughtered the double after a long and bloody raid through the city streets. LoríThemarís current location is unknown.

Sylvanas Windrunner tried to assemble the most devoted of her subjects back in Undercity, but to no avail. A particularly bloodthirsty Alliance Guild, led by the infamous bandit lord Fojar Von Lordaeron, meticulously exterminated every creature they found within the ruined city, living or dead, before cornering Sylvanas herself in her throne room, where legend holds Fojar personally beat her to final death with his mailed fists.

One by one, the great mortal cities fell. Thunder Bluff, Darnassus, Gilneas, Undermine, Booty Bay, Gnomeregan all were left charred and blackened graveyards, the jutting frames and remnants of toppled houses and castles a monument to the savagery of unchecked mortal ambition. Within two decades, the nations that once composed the Horde and Alliance were destroyed. The Exodaar fled to the stars at the first sign of trouble and has not been seen since. What is left is a broken, ashen world, destroyed from within by its own mad hubris.

With the fall of the last bastion of civilization on Azeroth, Blackrock City, many Guilds moved on to the planets of Argus, Draenor and Xoroth, where they resumed their campaign of carnage. What became of them might be guessed at: by this point, there was nothing that could possibly stand against them and prevail. A few Guilds remained behind on Azeroth, however, whether because they lacked the magic necessary to travel between worlds or because they found the bloodlust fading is hard to say. These Guilds now wander the scorched earth, nomadic tribes of obscenely powerful monsters in sapient form.

It has been twenty-two years since the fall of Blackrock, and a new generation has been born. We have been born into an age of devastation. Stories from the past tell us what beauty means, what our mothers and fathers personally destroyed. I do not know how many people remain alive on Azeroth, but I would guess we number, all told, in the hundreds. My Guild was a minor player in the Anarchy Wars, or what can be considered a minor player when there are only a few dozen players to consider. We proudly claim responsibility for the extinction of the Quillboar and the killing blow of Baine Bloodhoof. By the time of Blackrockís fall, our guild had thirty-five members, mostly Human, Night Elf and Draenei. Now there are around sixty of us. I was one of the firstborn of my Guildís second generation, called by the Nihilists that make their home on Hyjal the Damned Generation. We wander the desert that they once called Ashenvale Forest. Some call it that still, though with an ironic emphasis on the first syllable.

Iíve heard rumors that the Exodaar will return one day to save us all. Iíve heard rumors that Wrathion isnít really dead, and that heís waiting for our parents to die before building a new world order. Iíve heard rumors that the Guilds far to the south have finally succeeded in their experiments with Druidism, and that within a decade the world will be green again. Iíve heard rumors that there are gods sleeping beneath the earth that will one day wake up and grant us new purpose. Iíve heard rumors that, on a small island far in the north-western ocean, there is a settlement of wise and benevolent creatures with the power to restore everything to the way it once was. When we cross paths with another guild, we make sure to trade all the wonderful news that weíve heard.

Itís a foolís hope. If ever civilization is rebuilt, the Great Guilds will surely return to destroy it once again. The future is dust and ashes.
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