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Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
Sexual assault is weird like that. Most of the time there's no evidence, so it's one person's word against another in court. The word of multiple people saying the guy tried the same thing seems more believable, though I suppose there's still the possibility that they're all false (and we have no way of knowing what the false accusation rate could possibly be).
Likely due to the lack of evidence in these kinds of crimes and how heinous they are, just an accusation of sexual assault is enough to ruin the lives of most men (unless they're a member of the RNC, of course).
I'm not aware of any way to deal with this, honestly.
The main issue with multiple people and rich people is always the part where you just know several of those people just want in on the settlement. There's no denying that there are shitty people out there that have abused their power but there's also no denying that money can make people say lots of things l.
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