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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
That's a bummer, I take it you plan to go for laser hair removal?
I do. Well, i did; i'm not 100 percent sold on the Nope due to people saying otherwise on the allknowing internet (specifically for austria, too) but even those reports typically mention that insurances only pay for the long-ass non-laser heat-version where you literally kill every hair duct individually. I'll have to ask the ambulance doctor when i see her next year but... shit's expensive for my funds. And i'm going to need way more than just the face. For someone with sub-normal testosterone i'm fairly hairy all over.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
You can buy a laser hair removal tool for around 100 Euro on Amazon, so you could do it yourself. I don't know whether they're any good, though...
I thought about and researched those; general concens is they're worth it if you've got a decade or two to spare :/ they aren't allowed to sell the proper stuff to people without licence, i think.
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