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Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
I'll doublecheck, of course, but my therapist just told me insurances here pay neither for hair removal nor voice training. That's a major bummer right there.

Also i've stopped looking for names for the list; unless i happen to stumble over one that i like it's going to be one (or two) of the current ones. The big three right now (not counting Rotal) are "Samantha", "Amanda" and "Veronica". I'm a bit undecided about "Jessica" and "Victoria" so they'll probably get elliminated next. Everything else seems to be a dead duck. "Veronica" (spelled with a C, specifically as a private fuck you to my parents who decided to intentionally misspell my current name by removing a C) has a massive lead over my other main contender "Samantha" on the grounds that "Samantha" isn't exactly unused but relatively uncommon around here. It's also one of the few german girl names that sound kinda nice to my ears; still massively prefer the english version, though. (That goes for all of the remaining names, naturally.)

Not much else to document right now; at the moment it's mostly waiting for the next appointments and making new ones (got my referral for the third doctor today, gotta check when i can get in).

Thinking about asking Mother Moo to rename the thread into something more fitting, or making a brand new one as my own personal playground.
What's wrong with Veronika? It is a fairly common spelling.
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