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Huge day ahead - Psychiatrist in a few hours. Then Psychologist on Thursday. Dunno about the latter but from what i hear it's absolutely possible that i'll have the first of my three statements necessary for HRT by the time i arrive at work. Psychologist i hear conflicting info; might be Thursday, might be two or three sessions. My Therapist told me i'll likely need six additional appointments for the third statement; that's a bit of a bummer seeing how they're space out in 2 to 4 week gaps but at least i have a number.
I'm currently being serenaded by one of my birds which is good for my nerves. Work's stress pur, the weightloss thing took an attrocious hit this week, i've got appointments up and out the ass, my internet died on Saturday and tech support says it might run with the new modem but it will require a tech monkey to fix things on site and the triceratops is sick.

I need a vacation. And i hate vacations.
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