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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
What Oma means is, you will never be fundamentally female so what is the point of achieving some degree of proximity. He also thinks transgenderism is something that should be treated with psychology and not surgery. Or so he thought last time we had this discussion. That discussion caused something of a flame war and made Slywyn ragequit so probably best not to repeat it. I don't think anyone will change their mind anyway.
I've had that same conversation with my friends far too many times to ever, ever want to have it again. It never ends well.

For what it's worth, Rotal: Don't do anything that can't be easily reversed. Trying to swap genders doesn't mean you get a fresh start as a new person. You may want to switch back someday, and I'd hate to see anyone else become a statistic over something as stupid as a mutilated raptor.

Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
That's my ex's name. The mere sight of it triggers me.

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