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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
What Oma means is, you will never be fundamentally female so what is the point of achieving some degree of proximity. He also thinks transgenderism is something that should be treated with psychology and not surgery. Or so he thought last time we had this discussion. That discussion caused something of a flame war and made Slywyn ragequit so probably best not to repeat it. I don't think anyone will change their mind anyway.
Well... you don't really treat transgenderism. It's not an illness... at least it's not classified as such; let's not get into that.
What you treat is the Disphoria that comes with transsexuality. Not every transperson gets it, and it's not crippling for everyone - some transfolk can get by in the gender assigned at birth without too many issues; i thought i could. I was wrong.
That's basically the core of the issue. Disphoria. Transsexuality by itself wouldn't fuck with your brain too much because all that word really describes is how your sex (body) relates to your gender (brain). For the overwhelming majority of humans, these two are the same. If they're not this can get messy in your brain. Body Disphoria isn't exclusive to transsexuality, btw, it's just a common side effect.

Originally Posted by Dithon1 View Post
For what it's worth, Rotal: Don't do anything that can't be easily reversed. Trying to swap genders doesn't mean you get a fresh start as a new person. You may want to switch back someday, and I'd hate to see anyone else become a statistic over something as stupid as a mutilated raptor.
I currently can't see any reason to go back to a gender i don't feel any connection to, but if it makes you feel any better they don't just lob your dick off in the first few weeks of HRT. (They actually don't do at all, they slice it up in the middle, invert it, throw away the balls and use all the rest for modern art. You never actually LOSE the raptor, they just change the parts around. The guys have a little more options but generally shittier results than the girls in this regard because it's a lot easier to remove or remodel stuff than adding new parts.) Most of the surgeries are totally end-game of sexchange therapy (which is now usually referred to as sexual reassignment therapy, mostly because of PC-bullshit but also because we now know that transsexuality isn't a psychological issue but a physical one; at least we can scan for the differences between male and female brain patterns and studies show that your brain wave patterns usually fit your gender, whether your sex agrees on that or not.) and Hormone Replacement Therapy takes ages to be complete. The eventuel effects of HRT are permanent and irreversable (i DO wonder if a reverse-HRT would do the trick ) but it takes years before you really notice a phsyical change. Couple that with the (in many countries, like Austria) mandatory therapy and psychological evaluation and most of those who'd later regret it should be weeded out long before any lasting changes have set it.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
You don't have to read Rotal's updates, if you don't want to. You know that, right? Right?
Well, you know, Noi loves me. Maybe he's a chaser, i dunno.
He's right, though: there are other places i could talk about it, and i do. I need to get at least 10 therapy sessions in, plus the other 2 braindoctor statements, and i'll likely continue therapy even after that, but i don't know where yet. It's just... i dunno, maybe it's because i hate my family but SoL feels like family. Plus the main reason i'm starting to get my shit in order at the tender age of almost-30 is a gross lack of information in my youth so if this helps someone there (you know who you are, guys and girls and inbetweens) i really don't mind the occasional angry black man yelling at clouds.

Btw, Mother Moo, can we change the thread title to something a little more broad?
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