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I'd also add in the details, even if some aren't mentioned in the story. Specifically: who, what, why, where and when.

Who: as has been said, figure out who is in the story. Main and secondary characters. The ex-Overwatch people, enemies, average people and what not.
Who is protecting/aiding the characters? What governments/corporations are helping/hindering them?

What: what is happening? What's the plot? What are the story arcs? What is the aim of the villains? The heroes? The aim of the governments of the world? None of them would be happy at the thought of super heroes/villains running around doing whatever they want. What controls do they have to control the freelance ex-Overwatch people?

Why: why is Tracer allowed to pop(jump) in and out of places without getting arrested. What gives her immunity?
Why is Winston not working for a corporation/government able to give him the resources and funding he needs to be able to do the research he is doing? What he is doing in your OP isn't going to be cheap or easy to do. Where is his funding coming from?
Why are the other Overwatch people left to their own devices? You'd think the world governments would be keeping tabs on them for obvious reasons.
Why was Overwatch disbanded?

When when is this happening? How much time has passed since Overwatch was formed, since it was disbanded? This could affect the actions of the characters, If enough time has passed (20 years), the most of the characters that were Overwatch should be older. The 20 something hero is now a 40 something feeling his/her age, possibly with kids. Someone that was in their 30s or 40s would be in their 50s-60s and definitely not up to doing things they did 20 years ago.

Where: where is this going to happen? What areas of the world? Where was Overwatch's funding coming form? There is the characters funding coming from? Their stuff isn't cheap or bought at the local Walmart so they need -some- source of income/funding. Where is it?

There's other things too you should take into account: their impact on the world at large. What do the locals think about these people flitting about doing whatever they want. Who pays for damages caused by them? For example, in the trailer, who will pay to fix the museum? Who would the authorities go after for putting civilians in danger? In this case you could nail both sides. Widowmaker and the Reaper as well as Tracer and Winston for reckless discharging of firearms and such. How is their gear authorized and legal? It can go on and on, but the more details you nail down and stay consistent with, the more believable the plot is because of that consistency. Otherwise you have people asking why #character in episode 4 of season 2 didn't use the power/ability he/she used in episode 2,3,5,6 of season 1. Consistency is key here. And vice versa.

And just because someone will rule 34 this; where's the wild monkey lovings with Tracer and Winston in the plot?

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