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Seasonal stuff I'm currently watching:
  • Dororo: It's okay, nice aesthetics. Crippled guy who must kill demons to recover body parts. Feudal Japan. <link>
  • Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To: Hilarious romantic comedy about guy and gal who try to force each other to confess their love. Best thing of the season, hands down. <link>
  • Karakuri Circus: This series is a fucking mess that makes no sense whatsoever. I don't know why I'm even watching it. It's a storyteller's trainwreck, so bad it can't be accidental. <link>
  • The Magnificent Kotobuki: WW1/2 plane fights. It's nice and comfy. All the protagonists are female and your usual Japanese bullshit, but who cares about that, you'll be watching this for the aerial battles anyway. <link>
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization: Please don't judge me. SAO is garbage, but it's still somewhat enjoyable and watchable during the first run. <link>
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero: Best second thing of the season (and first for many), just your usual isekai (lolteleport to rpg world). It's pretty decent. <link>
  • The Promised Neverland: Children realizing their world is a lie, and trying to escape. Not that great, but watchable. <link>
I've watched quite a few series lately (free time and bored of videogames), but I don't want to write the Bible here, so let's leave it there.

I'll make a single recommendation though:


This series is fucking nuts. Probably the best thing anime I've ever watched. It's the most intense bullshit you've ever experienced, like Death Note on drugs. And it's just some men gambling, just that. Check it out if you haven't yet.

I also made one of these: since my .txt was going insane. Feel free to peek, and make/post yours too.

Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
It was on my list. Apparently it's not available in Austria, go figure. Not a huge loss from what i hear but it's not a good first impression.
Don't know about other languages (Spanish here), but fansubs are usually far better than official subs anyway. The translation makes more sense, and many also use different colors and fonts for the sub of each character. They also release faster.

They also stay original to the works no matter what (they're fans after all), so no script change controversies over there (unlike some of the recent bullshit with Crunchyroll and SJW politics).

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is what we all should be looking forward to.
I find this one boring as hell. Should have dropped it after the nightmare that was the first episode, with the wannabe Navi. Might return to it later when it's over (watched the first 11 episodes only).

Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
It took so long for Studio Ghibli's works really catch my interest.

Will probably watch Princess Mononoke then Howl's Moving Castle.
This is their best movie imo: (Porco Rosso)

It has something, don't know exactly what, but I loved it to no end.

Also, great music:

Howl is my second favorite of theirs, only for the aesthetics and the music. This waltz is the best thing ever:

Mononoke was nice too, my third in the top, specially because it has a somewhat solid story, unlike most of the other movies. I'm still kinda torn about it in some aspects, so I don't know. These are the only three Ghibli movies I gave a 10/10 to.

The worst thing about Ghibli movies is the story and the pacing, it's a huge mess in most of them. I specially despise the "weird thing is going on, but no one cares or stops to wonder about it" thing. Most characters have no agency and just follow the plot way too conveniently.

I haven't watched all of them (8/21 so far), but I'd surmise it doesn't get better.

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