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Shadow Orb

So Ive read chapter 115 of Attack on Titan and I think I get where this is going. With every infected soldier being detained in Shiganshina district, where the main cast and the Marley's warriors also seem to be, I get the feeling that Zeke is just gonna come in and yell/be forced to yell and transform everyone into titans. So we'd get a "classic AoT" final fight, with titans everywhere and the main cast trying to survive both the Titans and Marley's attack. I don't know why, but I kinda always got the feeling that while the story presented itself as something that happens after the titans destroyed the world, it was in fact a story about how titans will destroy it. So like, this whole Shiganshina situation is gonna spiral out of control and destroy everything. As for Eren, no idea what's his plan, maybe he wants to get all the titans and become some kind of Ymir 2.0? Any thoughts on all of this?
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