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Originally Posted by Kike-Scott View Post
I think the guy nailed it. Sometimes I wish I could see the main story of Warcraft in the comics, drawn by the people who continued Kirby's labor or something (I'm not much of a comic book guy, but I think you understood I meant good comic artists )

The weird thing is that now Thrall is in some deep shit that isn't really too Warcraft-y. I don't dislike it, but it's a little out of place, judging by the general narrative style Blizzard used for WC.
This is the reason why the comics done for warcraft work for fluidly, sometimes even more so then the novels, because the setting, the characters and themes suit so perfectly for a comic book themed world.

I am quite honestly surprised metzen hasn't signed a deal with one of the major comic companies to do an ongoing comic series, not like the medan one, but just ongoing with its own plot and theme, have it theme the main characters in warcraft. This might inject some fun into those wanting a bit more spice in the lore, thats been kind of missing it lately.

Wow is indeed a comic book themed story, I can relate to it after having been a marvel comics and sometimes dc comic fan for years, and you see the overriding themes of big, bright and dark characters with amazing powers fighting against almost impossible odds. It suits as a comic book world.

Though I agree, Thrall becoming to much of themed character away from what he once was doesn't remove peoples feel for the character, as we've seen so much of lately. I still love Thrall, but this current theme isn't to my liking.
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