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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Considering her apparent need for the Val'kyr to return from death, I'm not sure that's really an option for her any longer.

Plus the Forsaken Blight was designed to exterminate the living and the Scourge, which was known to frequently deploy its fair share of banshees, ghosts and wraiths. Chances are pretty good that the RAS made the stuff to be capable of destroying whatever ephemeral "matter" comprises the semi-tangible bodies of phantasmal undead just as readily as it would the flesh and bone of the Scourge's regular troops.
It's possible that those ethereal creatures would be immune to the blight even despite the blight's use as an anti-Scourge weapon. Even if ghosts, wraiths, and banshees made it unscathed, they'd be without corporeal support, and would be relatively easy pickings for the Forsaken.

Not unlike the Serpent's Spine stopping most of the mantid forces except for the flyers, the latter of which cannot deal too much damage on their own.
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Originally Posted by Mustrum View Post
Because if a storyteller is doing his job, he makes you care. And if that storyteller then says "I dunno, then they stopped fighting, I guess," without any explanation or clarification, his audience has every right to be pissed off. Because they were given reason to stay interested, reason to keep up with his tale, only to be shut down just as things were getting good. A waste of time, a waste of emotional tension, a waste, if you fail to grasp the significance of narrative, of money.
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