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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
They will probably focus on the old stuff, and not remove the flaws of the original game. I'm most certain that only the most hardcore veterans will be pleased, and that everyone else will be driven away back to the current game, on purpose.

So yeah, they are going to kill vanilla, because it was never their intention to bring it back. They want you playing the new stuff, and if you insist on going back to the past, you will go back, suffer, and then regret the experience and come back to the present.

Note that custom servers aren't just copies of the game, they had their own stuff too that made them fun. That won't happen with the official version, because again, they don't want you playing the old version.

Then when those veterans who like it and stay complain that those minor problems aren't fixed and are driving everyone else away (problems that would be easily fixed, and most custom servers did), Blizzard will just reply "that's the way it was" or some crap like that.

Mark my words. It's all a bait for old players to come and try the new stuff.

By this point I just wonder why they don't restore the vanilla version of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor in separate map instances. It's what they should have done with Cataclysm, instead of removing all that content.
Damn you are more jaded than me and that's saying something. It seems totally unreasonable that Blizz would go through the trouble of recreating old content faithfully and setting up servers and marketing and all that only to intentionally put out a subpar product that will further ruin their name all as a giant "I told you so" spitefest.

Anyway I think Vanilla was too broken (class imbalance), too grindy and crude to be enjoyable and I'd only consider coming back if its totally free and that'll happen.
But if they implement TBC? The expansion which fixed most of the issues with Vanilla but kept the good stuff? I'd find Mike Morhaime and shove money down his throat in 5 seconds flat.
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