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I think the game would be more fun, at least in terms of story and immersion.

But also PvP would not be as good.

Factionalism would not be nearly as high paradoxically since so many factions would necessitate players working together since most or all factions would not have enough people to be viable solo. Could be all can freely mingle as mercenaries (and freely fight too) or there could be factions you are friendly to, neutral and hostile to.
Weather or not factionalism is a good thing is up to you however. I feel most here think it has been ruinous for the story and it has created a lot of toxicity. But strict factionalism of WoW does give more spirit and meaning to the factions and arguably the game.

The game would have less content one way or the other. If you build up all of the factions there is less common content, more common content and the factions are skeletal.

That is all I can think of without spending too much time on this
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