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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
It's because these people lack education. They are pissed at the whole government and they want a military intervention wreck the corrupts and put some order in the house.

Thing is, they have no idea that during our military dictatorship (from 1964 to 1985), corruption became even harder to trace and identify, and we had a stupidly high percentage of economic inflation.

Not to mention that, if there was a military regime in place, they wouldn't be allowed to make any kind of protest.

More info:
Historically speaking, "Far right" military dictatorships are "better" than neo-communist states. Between other things, the number of thieves goes drastically down, far less than a hundred, while neo-communism has tens of thousands of bribed civil servants working for it, making it a bigger and more dangerous monster. It's a matter of structure. Authoritarianism is awful, but totalitarianism is far even worse, and far more destructive.

Your country is rotting in garbage, and your "freedom" is a sweet fake bait. You don't actually own anything of which you fear losing. You've been lied to. And you ain't the only country enslaved by this system, look at mine, Spain, from bad, it's gone to pretty much hell in a matter of months. Our current socialist president (which got to the position through a manipulated vote of no coincidence) has threatened the tiny few newspapers that don't lick his ass a few times already, and I don't mean Trump-tier trolling, and I'm talking about constant veiled threats.

Meanwhile, all his friends are getting into positions of power: A 20-year old nuclear veteran got replaced by a socialist philosopher, her wife is teaching at the university in a course created specially for her to teach, wives of his ministers are getting ambassador posts, half the staff of the public TV was fired and replaced by party affiliates, etc. Multiple cases of corruption have been unveiled inside the government in the last months, including: millionaire tax evasion, police being told not to act against far left urban guerrilla, judges covering accusations of pedophilia, unions spending public money on drugs and prostitution, and even the actual president having forged his doctoral thesis. If that's not enough, he was caught having a secret meeting with George fucking Soros, in the middle of a migrant crisis.

And the media doesn't say a word about it, except a few newspapers. Every single TV, except irrelevant secondary channels, is licking the ass of the socialist party. We have millions of unemployed Spaniards, yet they want to bring more migrants, because we need more workers for some reason, even if we don't have any work to begin with, and plan to raise taxes even higher, so everyone and their mother sympathizing with the party gets their usual handouts. The worse part? This was always there, but it didn't get properly uncovered until recently, with the sheer insolence and ineptitude of the current government.

The surge of the "far right" all over the world is the result of democracy failing to withstand totalitarian corruption. When the moderates can't do their job, it's time to trust the lesser evil, the authoritarians. Obedience is a cheap price to pay when the menace of religion-tier brainwashing looms in the horizon.

It's going to get nasty, and I wish you luck, but once the night is over, you'll have a brighter day ahead of you. Some of us are pretty much damned to an eternal night, which is now called day by decree.

You probably can't understand any of this, because one, you lack basic empathy and comprehension for those who live in literal shit, and two, you live too well and don't even know how that could feel. To all of those living in the deepest of miseries, a dictatorship will be a godsent. The only thing they need to do is one, extirpate the parasites hoarding the resources, and two, improve their lives (in part using those resources), which is actually super easy to do. It's incredible how many democracies are unable to feed their poorest, yet dictatorships can fix all of those problems in a few years, even months. But it's supposed to be a bad system, right? Tell that to those starving.

When you have lung cancer, you need chemotherapy. That's what you get for smoking garbage for years and years on end. At least you got diagnosed in time, many others won't, and will drown in their own blood, my own country included, I fear. We're pretty much in a pre-French Revolution scenario, worldwide, and we'll see major civil wars across multiple "advanced" countries in a few decades. Call me crazy, but I envy how you're getting to clean house early on, before the real shitshow begins. I hope I'm proven wrong, but I don't have any hope left about democracies being able to fix this shit the moderate way anymore.

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