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Originally Posted by HlaaluStyle View Post
My post was mostly facetious, but yeah, you're correct. The fall of a dictator creates a power vacuum, and people either need to be prepared to do the hard work of filling the vacuum (which will take millions of dollars and possibly decades), or allowing chaos to fester.
We've been effective at it, but American citizens have lost the sense of the long term, they think brashly and quickly, expecting immediate results. A 10 year long conflict was probably a third of what we needed to quell and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, if not more. Could have been done, but after Obama all the sacrifices of my friends will be for nothing. At the end of the day a soldiers life is just currency, and a war is an investment, when all is said and done, all of you are the ones who decide if our investment mattered.
Game over, man. Game over.
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