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Originally Posted by Ragnahar View Post
I'd just like to say this once miffy, to make something clear. When I take the time to be serious around here which is rarely, I tend to wish to use that time speaking with the adults in the room. Hlaalu, PJ, Genesis, Arm, Mertico, Tainted, being favorites. I'll never want you to stop replying to my posts to express your point of view, but this is just to explain why I will never waste my time replying to yours.
I don't need your engagement or acknowledgement - my contribution to the discussion stands on its own for anyone that chooses to read it regardless.

Whether you choose to acknowledge and react to points that were made or not.

It is, however, a disturbing tendency here, that is mirrored in a lot of American society today, to block out radically averse opinion and ridicule and antagonize instead of discuss. Not saying you're doing this specifically here, but I think your mindset is reflected in this.

There are some loons that I will always reply to just to make sure their idiocy doesn't stand unopposed - that's just my own issue of not being able to leave well enough alone.

There are other people here that I drastically disagree with on many topics, but I believe one could lead a constructive discussion with nontheless.
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