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Originally Posted by Yaskaleh View Post
This is one of few reasons why I can at least respect you on some level. Can't say the same for the "'murica stronk, giev muh freedums" squad.
The big American farce and probably biggest issue in American society is the perception driven by the media and lobbies at play that the numberous unprovoked wars of aggression, in the name of corporate profit and under the guise of fighting the faceless, anonymous enemy threatening the folks at home, are all somehow "justified" in hindsight.

Afghanistan was likely the only military "intervention" besides the Balkan conflict, out of the last 30-40 years, that had any semblance of a justification for it. And even then, an incredibly callous and chauvinistic one.

Americans like to pat themselves on the back and hold on to the belief that "at least the good guys did win, in some form, and some good came out of all this", whether they agreed with the original events or not (and something that is demonstrably not the case, as quite the opposite has happened in all of the affected countries). It's much harder to acknowledge that for the umpteenth time in American history, its public has been hoodwinked into flag-waving, warmongering hysteria for the benefit of a handful in the name of profit, and for the consolidation of power.
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