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I hate Blizzard, but I also want this to succeed, the RTS genre could be brought from the dead if it's good enough.

Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
There is a base, it is simply unreachable like in the original rendition. But both the green and the purple attack from there. You can see it here. It's essentially where the Slaugherhouse is in World of Warcraft.
Kinda disappointing to see wall models weren't reworked to allow units to actually climb and fight there. Some kind of cliff-addons would have been great too, there's lot of experiments around with ramps (I even did some myself), but it's hard to overcome the editor's limitations.

Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post
I'm hoping that maybe the naga tech tree might be expanded into a full tree like the other four and that they might be available in multiplayer. It's probably not going to happen, at least not outside mods, since it would require additional rounds of rebalancing. Here's hoping that WC3R has SC2-style mod support so that it will be easier to use.

I would love to see tech trees for the Legion and the Goblins, though. But it's probably not gonna happen outside mods.

The sorts of skins, variants or co-op armies I'd like to see include:
  • Human Alliance: High Elf/Blood Elf, Stormwind/WC1-era (e.g. clerics, conjurers, catapults, crossbowmen), WC2-era (e.g. naval), other nation-specific
  • Orcish Horde: Chaos Orc/Fel Orc, WC1-era (e.g. necrolyte, warlock), WC2-era (e.g. naval, death knight, ogre mage), other clan-specific
  • Undead Scourge: Forsaken, Nerubian Empire
  • Night Elf Sentinels: Corrupted Ancients (satyr), Highborn

There are some WC3 campaigns that try to remake WC1 and WC2. I'm more interested in replicating the spirit rather than identical mechanics, as those simply aren't fun in modern times. Following the WC3 style seems fine, but naval combat would be entirely new. A re-imagining of WC1 or WC2 could expand the tech trees to a similar breadth as WC3. Units could be re-skinned and re-flavored for different nations and eras.

WC1 didn't have heroes, but its warlocks, necrolytes, conjurers and clerics have spells that in WC3 belonged to heroes. The warlock's summon daemon translates to the pit lord's doom spell, the necrolyte's dark vision and cleric's far seeing translates to the far seer's far sight spell, and summon water elemental is shared between conjurer and archmage. Likewise, the WC2 death knight and mage have six or seven spells each, so they could be split into two or so heroes by WC3 standards.

WC3 archers, priests and sorceresses could be re-skinned as Stormwind's archers, clerics and conjurers. The heroes could include the paladin (e.g. Lothar), archmage (e.g. Khadgar), and firelord (justified as summoned by the conjurers in lore). WC3 necromancers, Stormreaver necrolytes, warlocks, and doomguard could be adapted to the WC1-era Horde. The heroes could include blademaster, farseer, warlord (cut from alpha), and warlock (Archimonde's class); maybe demon heroes like the Pit Lord.

WC2's heroes don't work like WC3 heroes, but could be adapted as such. Gul'dan is a custom warlock hero, Cho'gall and Dentarg are custom ogre mage heroes, Zuljin is a shadow hunter hero, Grom Hellscream is a blademaster hero, Kargath Bladefist is a custom warlord hero, Teron Gorefiend is a death knight hero, Deathwing is a custom black dragon hero. Sir Anduin Lothar and Danath are custom heroes (maybe crusader cut from alpha?), Sir Uther Lightbringer and Turalyon are paladin heroes, Khadgar is an archmage hero, Alleria is an elven ranger hero, Kurdran is a custom dwarf gryphon rider hero.
Rather than naga, I think the way to go could be Illidari. So, naga, plus blood elves, plus draenei. They would share some units with humans (who would get them reskinned back into high elves) and night elves.

Some kind of Demon faction could also work, just mix fel orcs with the few demon units there are around. They would share some units too, with orcs and undead.

Further factions wouldn't be that easy to develop, since there aren't enough resources around. However, it could work if they're willing to make new stuff.

I wrote a W3 second expansion idea some time ago. There, I advanced the plot in an alternate route, with Deathwing and the Old Gods as the villains, and I added two secondary races:

The first would be the Spider Empire, using undead mechanics like the blight and burrowing. They would employ silithids, qiraji, and nerubians. They would share some units with the undead (crypt nerubians).

The second would be the Twilight's Hammer, an army of cultists serving the Black dragonflight, using night elf mechanics like the moving buildings. They would employ goblins, centaurs, elementals, titanic constructs, and faceless ones. They would share some units with the night elves (giants, dryads).

Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
In Reign of Chaos you can absolutely go there and attack it, it's just not feasible to do so generally. Mal'ganis has his altar of darkness there too. This looks like it's just... off the map. It's not a big deal, it just bugs me.

I think a Naga tech tree would be all right. The actual Naga units are so absurdly overpowered they're ridiculous, though. So they'd need A LOT of balance work.

I definitely want more bold armies and sound sets. Like I hope they add an actual elven swordsman and archer model that aren't just footman and night elven archer remodels. Honestly the Archer & Swordsman are also kinda useless anyway.
They could monetize W3 easily by selling skin packs for the entire race.

For example, W2-esque Horde, replacing jungle trolls with forest trolls, and tauren with ogres. Troll empires, replacing everything in the Horde with trolls and dinosaurs. Silvermoon, with elves replacing humans and dwarves. Undead with a desert mummy theme. They don't even need different stats, just good enough models and animations to make the transition work.

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