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Logistics in WoW are non-existant so I don't know why people still bother trying to hash it out.

Just like how Portals to Undercity spell zero inclinations to the Handling of the Narrative of Undercity's reclaimation. It's a Gaming conveneince
Yeah but where would this forum be if not for people speculating endlessly about things Blizzard doesn't give a shit about

Anyway, just looking at geography, the fact of the matter is that retaking Capital City is an incredibly decisive Alliance victory that has ramifications throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, one of which would be an end to any practical ambition by the Horde to capture large amounts of territory on the continent.

Even going exclusively by what we know for sure right now, we know that the Horde no longer controls Undercity and has been pushed out of Tirisfal Glades. We also know that the Alliance has retaken and fortified Stromgarde Keep, and since one of the Horde's Warfront objectives is to capture Stromgarde Keep in order to use its harbor to attack Gilneas, we know that the Alliance controls Gilneas as well.

Right off the bat, Horde control of Silverpine, Andorhal, and Hillsbrad would collapse almost immediately. While a few holdouts might be able to remain, especially if they're undead and have fewer resupply needs, the fact is that these three regions are now locked into a three-front conflict from the North, Southwest, and Southeast with no hope of reinforcement. This constitutes the removal of any effective Horde presence in Western Lordaeron.

And with that presence gone, the Horde also loses its only easy method of access to the Eastern Kingdoms from the Great Sea. Its only other major port on the Western coast is all the way south at Grom'Gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn, which is highly indefensible considering the coastal geography and its proximity to Stormwind.

This means that any Horde vessels traveling to the Eastern Kingdoms would likely need to dock at Silvermoon, which would require them to either pass through a situation of Alliance naval dominance off the western coast or go west from Kalimdor and across the forbidding sea. This is more feasible, but it doesn't really help much aside from reinforcing Silvermoon, because the only major EK ports on the Forbidden Sea aside from Silvermoon are Scarlet Harbor, which is likely controlled by the Argents, or Highbank/Dragonmaw Port in the Twilight Highlands. Revantusk Village has a dock but not one anywhere big enough to sustain major offensive operations in Lordaeron, and Fuselight-by-the-Sea is neutral and in a poor strategic location anyway.

So the big question here is what the status of Dragonmaw Port is; based on what happened with the Dragonmaw in MoP and WoD, it's probably not in great shape, but even if you're generous and assume that the Horde can both take Dragonmaw Port AND neutralize Highbank, any force that lands in Twilight Highlands would still be boxed in by Grim Batol and the Khaz Modan mountainranges more generally.

Even if they somehow, through an Anduin-esque miracle, managed to capture Stromgarde, then what? Use the harbor to attack Gilneas? While the Alliance controls Baradin Bay? And try to maintain supply lines going from Revantusk right down the middle of Alliance dominated territory?

The reason why so much of the Horde is defending Undercity is because the Horde, if it wants to retain a significant presence in the Eastern Kingdoms, can not afford to lose it under any circumstances. And they did. The war in the Eastern Kingdoms is already over by the time the expansion starts and the Horde's insistence on trying to capture Arathi is Sylvanas meaninglessly throwing away Horde lives (big shock)

anyway that was my strategic treatise on the military situation in the video game where zombie nazis and their green alien allies from across the ocean fight gun-using tolkien knockoffs using blimps
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.

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