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Originally Posted by Hipnos View Post
I've been watching a playthrough of Zuldazar and I love the zone, but I don't understand why people said that Zul was working with N'zoth, his main goal in Zuldazar is to resurrect Dazar, the first king of Zandalar, something that I find...interesting, there is A LOT of emphasis in undeath/spirits stuff this expansion, It feels like they are planning a Shadowlands expansion after BfA.

Here is Dazar's model

Zul is just fantastic, you can feel that he knows much more than what it looks like, and Rastakhan doesn't die for now. There is a really interesting quest where you read 3 scrolls from Zul to his followers:

-He saw how the Drakari absorbed the Loa in Zul'Drak using nearly forgotten rituals, and I suppose that he learned those rituals because Yazma absorbs Shadra during the questing.

-When he resurrected Lei Shen in Pandaria he learned a spell to resurrect ancient kings, that's how he is able to resurrect Dazar apparently.

-In the third scroll, he says that Rastakhan is making the Zandalar weak and that's why he wants to resurrect Dazar, something that I find weird, I think it's obvious that he has a bigger endgame, but why the hell would he resurrect Dazar.

All this focus on death is really interesting, I wonder if it was Bwomsandi who told Voljin to choose Sylvanas and if it did it because she is undead and something big is coming from the Shadowlands...
Maybe Dazar was the best king? Given their obsession with reliving the glory days.
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Yeah but where would this forum be if not for people speculating endlessly about things Blizzard doesn't give a shit about
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SoL: 20 something know it alls telling other 20 something know it alls they know everything.
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All this faction bitching and people arguing with each other and it's Fojar of all people that comes in with reasonable positivity.
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