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Time to share my findings:

These two mention nightborne

HvA quest

Gnome lore

Old god G'huun behind destruction of containment structure. Commanding blood trolls to destroy final one in location, Zuldazar. Titan Keeper Hezrel must aid in destruction of blood trolls. Cannot allow G'huun to be freed. Must leave interior of Atul'nazman. Meet Titan Keeper Hezrel outside of temple, will help return to Gloom Hollow.

Old god mentions

Grand Mother Athena: the Red Queen?

Questgiver who's involved in a bunch of void and old god quests in Nazmir.

Have Titan Keeper Hezrel apply Synthetic Essence to allow safe passage past undead.

Synthetic G'huun essence received
Analysis of blood-infused bones complete. Will be able to create synthetic essence similar to G'huun. Will take a moment to apply essence, allow you to walk past undead without combat. Must hurry. More forces of G'huun are around temple. Must get inside to reactivate containment protocols.

Synthetic Old God confirmed

Creature exists between this plane and void.

Brann is no longer neutral

We'll be on our way back to Lordaeron in no time
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