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Originally Posted by Leviathon View Post
I think he'll be a Paradis but maybe they are getting support. I'd imagine there's some sort of surprise coming in the next couple chapters.

I haven't watched the new anime yet but from what I read it's at least being faithful so far and not too bad. Guess we'll see if Pierrot manages to mess it all up again.

Also Overlord is getting a 3rd season this Summer which is just unheard of for Madhouse.
Could be but it wouldn't surprise me now if they have support from other nations.

Yeah I heard its faithful too. Don't know if I'll watch it overall, I just checked out the OP and ED at this point.

And I really need to get to watching Overlord. I never paid it much attention before but then I got my interest piqued and now I'm curious.

Originally Posted by Vineyard View Post
Only a little more than a week to go for finally more FMP.
Can't wait for that. Still can't believe we've got it back.
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