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Originally Posted by Arakiba View Post
Was excited to see the release while at work with nothing to do.

No surprise about Zeke, yeah, but still nice to see. So at this point, what does Marley have? Jaw, Cart, and Armored, right? And almost all their next-gen candidates are gone, either killed or out of their reach with the Paradis-folk. From looking at the wiki to remember things, I think only Colt, who was supposed to succeed Zeke, is left, and well, he's certainly not succeeding Zeke now.
It will be interesting to see what their plan of survival will be now that the entire world is going to want to attack the island. Eren can't really plan anything like taking all the titans and dying as that'd just mean a random Eldian will get the titan powers. Interesting how we also have at least 2 Marley soldiers working with the island now and who knows how many more they may have turned to their side.

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