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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
I'd feel disinclined to hang out with people who think I'm swine.
The thing Ruin is having a hard time wrapping his head around and might alienate you at the the first look is close to what Saran said.
Don't be a pig and you don't feel like a pig.
The reality is more like that you do act like a pig and instead of being offended, sit down and think about it cause being a pig is, despite all the shoulder patting that we reached equality, still being rewarded and you might have picked up some of those traits.
See, most of this is as intellectual exercise where the men who get pissed by being called a pig, out themselves as pigs because they can't sit down and think about it. Cause, as I mentioned, a lot of people talk about equality being nice and dandy now ... but it isn't. I know people get upset by the whole privilege talk cause it means bursting a bubble but there simply is a privilege to being male. You won't be cat called. You won't be afraid of someone slipping something your drink. You won't be afraid of a dark park.

if you tell people "be nice to women" there's people who will go "well I am doing that, I mean, I pay for the shitty one room apartment, her food and the 4 kids I put inside her after I talked her out of being a doctor."
Of course it's easier to call the one calling you out a femnazi who just aims at putting you off.

I also do adore the US view on Antifa when it's been a thing in Europe for decades and has done a shit load of curbing Neonazi movements but you picked up on it in the last 2? 3? years and got a raging hard on for people beating back extreme right wing violence cause it just appeared on your radar as that.

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