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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post
If that's the case, twinking may have been a bad example. I'm referring to a complete power mismatch where the other side has no chance of winning or retreating.
In a game absolute dominance is boring as I've said. But I think in real life most people shoot for absolute dominance, Sun Tzu said that victorious warriors win first and then go to battle, defeated warriors go to battle first and then seek victory. Basically he said only fight one-sided wars.

It is all about self-delusion though, people want to win and in real life which is so complex and chaotic it is much easier to delude yourself that you won due to your own skill and not circumstance. Like a son of a millionaire who got most of his money, connections, etc from daddy but feels he is successful and superior because of a few minor achievements of his own. And as we know there are legions of such people, who have been shooting fish in a barrel their entire lives but are still firmly convinced of their superiority over the "lower classes." That is just the most blatant example, but there are shades of this in all of us I believe.

However things get more tricky in a game because it is harder to delude yourself. Most games are designed to be fair and enjoyable to both sides and deviation from that in either direction (in or against your favor) can feel bad. That is why twinking may feel good but playing chess against a player who has half his pieces removed at the start feels crappy, it is easier to delude yourself in a complex game like WoW but not so in chess.

So to answer your question, no. Winning when the other side has absolutely no hope is boring, and this holds true a 100x more in a game since as we said real life is more complex and the stakes are infinitely higher and so you take your wins when you can.
Since I am guessing this is all about how the nigh elves are slated to lose, at first I can also say a few words specifically about that. Yes we all know the night elves will lose, but again only at first they will probably recover, but they don't just stand there. They fight, resist and even keep up the fight all over Kalimdor even after their tree burns. In-game we may cut through NPCs like toilet paper but the game still shows a spirited defense. As a Horde player sitting their in front of your computer you know you will win and the content holds no gaming challenge to overcome (from what I've seen) and that may be boring but lorewise the conflict is not one-sided and people can enjoy that lore, on both sides. Plus the fall of the tree is not the end of the war, the war goes on and chances are we will see a repeat of the Siege of Orgrimmar where the Alliance will win and presumably the night elf tree or something like it will get restored.
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