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Well since I'm the metaphorical god of the risk I don't have a faction leader, but if you like you can create one or two faction leaders of the NPC factions I am instead controlling.

Druids of Caer Darrow - Fenthelan, Cloudcaller's Heir
The leader of the druids of Caer Darrow, and a former apprentice of the night elf druid Aeleas Cloudcaller, who founded the Druids after crossing over to the Eastern Kingdoms with Dath'Remar and his Highborne.
Garbed as a druid would be.

Rebel Council of Kirin Mora - Archmage Grigori Dosantos
Formerly a member of the Council of Six before it was dissolved by Javali. He disagreed with the change and used the Lightist fanatics to his own ends to attempt to reclaim his seat in Dalaran.
Wears the typical Dalaran wizard's robes, is middle-aged and likes to make himself stand out in a crowd due to his pride.

Azure Church of Zinine - General Mordred
The gruff and ambitious Mordred is the pagan general of Gilneas, a former veteran of conflicts out of the country and a firm believer in his faith. He hopes to ensure that Gilneas becomes fully pagan.
Black haired, mean and powerful. Give him some plate.


Admiral Janus
Competitor for the seat of Admiral of Kul Tiras. Former friend of the current lord of the country.
Although generally wearing green, green cape etc, make him distinguishable from normal Tirasian soldiers. He's a rebel after all. Give him his own tabard.
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