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Warlord Jin'thek: Jin'thek is the current chief of the amani tribe, he has recently arised to power with the promises of glory and revenge.His father was former the former Chieftan until he was assassinated by a enemy tribe when he was quite young.

He was raised by his mother, a Zandalar emmisary to the tribe, so he was educated both as a Zandalar and a Amani giving him the best and the worse of both tribes.

Well I would like him to wear this things following things





The rest is up to you to decide, I mean legs, belt, hands. The only thing I will ask you is that what you choose somewhat fits with what I requested and don't put anything on his head.
Physically he should look like the savage but with a deep blue hair intsead of green.

PS: And finally just if you have time to do it or you are bored, could you give the bat riders this helm? Just if you feel like it eh don't take it like a compromise, you have done enough already.
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