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Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
I doubt mechagnomes will be cusomization options. They have a bunch of different hairstyles and facial features on top of the robot limbs, whereas past new customization options have must been a single change (upright posture for orcs, an eye color for blood elves, an eye color with a built in skin tone for night elves, and even that I think was just so night elves could use the black eyes with any face option unlike blood elves). Even the example from the interview was just Wildhammer tattoos on their own.

It would also lead to the argument that there's nothing Lightforged draenei have that mechagnomes don't, thus furthering the idea they don't deserve to be an allied race and thus the Alliance got a 'wasted' allied race slot.
I agree.

As much as I don't like them, junknomes seem to have everything to be their own race. They have their own model, with its own customization, and will soon be the center of a storyline that will develop their lore.

Next race pair being junknomes and vulpera makes too much sense to discard at this point. All other possibilities still lack evidence in comparison.
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