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- We’ll see Gral again in Nazjatar.
- The Alliance Naval Advantage that they claim at the Battle of Dazar’Alor is going to crash into the bottom of Nazjatar.
- Val’kyr are gonna raise a lot of Kul’Tiran sailors at the ship graveyard.
- There will be some sort of world quest/event/objective where the Alliance and the Horde compete to raise/recover ships from the ship graveyard.
- Saurfang will visit his son’s grave. Possibly another cinematic.
- Mag’har assault on Azuremyst Island.
- Taelia and/or Anduin find out what happened to Bolvar, and go on an adventure to recruit his aid in taking Dow Sylvanas.
- Arator Dies and Alleria does a cannonball into the Sunwell.
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