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Have to agree with Wreave, the problem at this point is not that NEs are neglected OR the destruction of Teldrassil per se (which, I think, was as needed as UC's from a mechanical standpoint) but that we're unsure if there will be proper follow-through in the story, unlike with Lordaeron, which we know will get it

Until we see payoff, which are the vengeful and wild NEs born from the incident, who were mentioned some posts before, and an impactful storyline written for them, we can only assume that one of the best WC3 races got obliterated for the sake of faction symmetry. This pessimistic jump to conclusions is what OP and many others do.

Unfortunately I do not think there is room for much of their development in BfA. What I am hoping for is that they get seeded, like how Legion was seeded starting back in MoP, so that we can see a Suramar-sized reclamation campaign two expansions down the line for Kalimdor NEs. We're still early in the expansion's lore and honestly have zero idea whats planned for NEs.

What I'm saying is, even if there is a NE reclamation, or resistance force, or something along these lines NE players can identify with as suggested by OP, these kind of narratives drag for several years in WoW, because theres no more room for them. I like how vocal the community is about the night elven issue, and agree with OPs points, I just think we should be a tad bit more patient with Blizz, cuz theyre SLOW and we know it and cannot really do anything about it.

On a different note:
I also really like the idea of the Horde's defeat as a catalisator for the Alliance's dissolution. If Warcraft would ever move forward from the two-faction system, this sounds like the way to go. (Saying this as a Horde player.)
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