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Lightbulb (Kobolds) Manuel of Monsters - 2003

The wiry creature bears as much of a resemblance to a rat as it does to a humanoid. It stands short of 4 feet tall and moves with a rapid, hunched gait. Its nervousness is evident in its large, rodent-like eyes.

Kobolds are rat-like humanoids that dwell in tunnels going deep into the Alterac and Redridge Mountains. Standing between 3 and 4 feet in height and weighing between 70 to 100 pounds, kobolds are at home in the dark underground. Bright light causes them discomfort. Kobolds are cowardly, cringing folk, striving to stay out of the way of other races. Kobolds will take over abandoned mines and scavenge equipment whenever they can do so safely.

Kobold Society
Koblds form loose clan lineages based on bloodline. There is nothing like marriage. Young individuals migrate between nests or between larger warrens. Kobolds of all ages prefer to sleep in large groups. While there is no overt structure of government, kobolds organize in loose groups to plan out digs and scavenging

While not particularly bright, kobolds have keen senses and a good ability to read situations.One of their significant accomplishments is their alliance with the harpies. Kobolds offer equipment they scavenge in return for information. The two races protect one another by proximity.

A friendly kobold could possibly be raised by a night elf or some other race. Though ruled by fear, a heroic kobold may emerge from time to time. The race's knack with stealth and comfort in underground environments makes it well-suited to the rogue and scout classes.

Kobolds first try to avoid combat if at all possible. Traps are used to gather small food animals and protect their warrens. When pressed, kobolds will flood over a target, looking to bite at vulnerable points. When facing a significant threat, they will abandon their nests and young.
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