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"The RPG can die."

To be fair, Blizzard's willingness to support a campaign setting for any of their franchises has already died several times. The only reason I suggest it is because it's a way to justify increasing the level of detail that also generates a revenue stream.

Put another way, there are probably folks who wouldn't buy Chronicle (or a similar encyclopedia azerothica) because it doesn't offer any other value aside from worldbuilding. A campaign setting comes packaged along with the value of being able to use it for tabletop gaming with minimal work on the part of the GM, but an encyclopedia requires a lot more work.

So Blizzard's already funneling a LOT of resources at a very niche audience (aka people who like history books) and while I appreciate that, I also appreciate that Blizzard, as a business, probably wouldn't mind being able to turn more of a profit on that investment.

Originally Posted by Thornedale View Post
Or just a conceptual literary project that engages with audience in many ways, instead of novels. Could potentially coinside with a new game in the setting, but not necessarily an RPG.
I'm curious of what form such a project would take.
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