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Each character was well developed and the fact that the real world was at stake was such a good touch, the villians arent evil per se but they simply are and I fucking love the protagonists.

Takato is so... flawed in several aspects, he first is enthralled with the idea of digimons being real but then oooo boy reality ensures and it turns into a slight shitfest with the power gamer rika out for blood and the Men in black going at the mons.

Man I really, really like this one, the other protagonists in the series are shonen archetypes (and so is takato in a way) but Takato has to earn his reigns before he can go full "FRIENDSHIP CONQUERS ALL" mode
That's what happens when you give Chiaki Konaka the reigns for a children's monster show.

I love 01, I like parts of 02 --mainly everything after the Digimon Emperor arch is decent, though that season is FULL of really cheap excuses for why the old digimon aren't useful. Like my interpretation of the end of 01 was always just that the kids' ACTUAL emotions made the digimon digivolve. Taichi's courage, Yamato's friendship... so how the heck could the kids give that up? It makes no sense.

Of course I love Tamers. Really wanna see Tamers in Japanese.
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."
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