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Originally Posted by Almed View Post
Whether it's for another system or genre, pretend Blizzard really was rebooting WC in the future. Now what do you, suggest?

1. Who would you recommend for it (writers, character designers, the rest)?

2. Where would you first do a major branch off from current Lore?

3. What do you say to keep from the current setting?
1. George RR. Martin, D.M. Cornish, Robert Asprin if he's still alive.

2. More variety in the upper echelons of the cosmology. Not just Titans and Light being the most important. A lot of times blizz talks about cosmic balance and how shadow fits into it but aside from the shadowpriest class order it's still treated as pretty intrinsically evil.

3. Most things I'd keep. I'd make mostly tweaks and alterations rather than whole new changes.
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