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Past Warcraft III era, I'd start World of Warcraft with different factions, basically keeping the 'races' we had in WC3. That means:
  • Night Elves don't enter the Alliance. They're all by themselves.
  • The Alliance is composed of humans, dwarves, gnomes and high elves.
  • No Forsaken in the Horde. Only orcs, taurens, trolls, ogres and goblins.
  • Forsaken could exist, but by themselves, much like Night Elves. But I'd rather not have the forsaken and just have the Scourge as a 4th faction.

That would leave us with two options: we would have to live with multiple factions that doesn't trust each other, OR we could let players be free to create their own 'factions'. Let's say you play an orc and your friend play a human, but by incorporating some RP elements into the game you actually could play together instead one against the other. How that would actually be implemented I'd let for the devs to think.

One thing that would be interesting with this setup is, only male night elves could be druids. Night elf warriors, archers, hunters, would all be female. We'd basically continue with the culture and lore established during WC3.

Another interesting thing would be the Scourge faction. What classes/races would we play? I'd give players the options of playing as an abomination; brute force and no intellect, they could only be 'warriors' or something alike. The casters would be necromancers, ghouls could specialize into melee (warriors) or ranged (archers). And so on.

The class system would have to be much more varied to accomodate this; perhaps multiclassing would be neeeded.
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