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Originally Posted by Darkphoenix View Post
Unsure if I'm right or wrong, I've always seen Druids and Monks as specialized Shamans. Expanding upon this, whilst Shamans deal in the six elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Chi (or Nature?), and Decay), Monks deal only with Chi and Druids with nature.

Here's the problem I need help with: what's the fundamental difference between Nature and Chi? Explain it to me like I am a child. I confused myself a bit on this over the years.
Refer to this chart from the Chronicle.

Effectively, there are 6 types or sources of magic (Nature, Light, Fel, Necromancy, Void and Arcane) and 6 elements (fire, earth, air, water, spirit, decay). You can use any of the six types of magic to manipulate any of the elements, though some magic types usually stick to manipulating certain elements (for instance, most fel users stick to decay and fire, necromancy users stick to decay and water/air in the form of ice spells, mages are famous for fire and water/air in ice spells, etc). Based on their relative positions on the chart, certain elements are linked more strongly to certain types of magic, especially Spirit and Nature and Decay and Necromancy.

Druids, Monks and Shamans all get their power from nature magic and all make heavy use of spirit as an element. Shamans get their power through nature and use spirit to commune and bargain with the 4 classical elements, though dark shamans can also use decay to bully the elements into unwilling servitude (it is unclear if, when using decay, dark shamans use necromantic powers or not, but I don't want to sound like Necrophotic).

"Chi" is simply the pandaren word for the element of spirit. Monks take spirit as an element and focus it inward into their bodies to perform supernatural feats. It's unclear but they might also manipulate water in a similar manner to shamans to heal, if the mists used by mistweaver monks are literal, magical water droplets. Otherwise, they are differentiated from shamans by almost exclusively using spirit as an element to enhance their combat prowess and bodies as opposed to using spirit as a medium and bargaining chip.

Druids use spirit to enhance the health and bodies of living things around them, as well as using it to force their bodies to change form. Since druids are so tied to nature magic they don't often talk about spirit as an element separate from "nature" in general.
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