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Y'know Rotal, for someone who won't play classic you've spent a lot of time in this thread bellyaching about it. At some point, you're going to have to accept that there are thousands upon thousands of real people who prefer older versions of WoW. You clearly don't, so please stop posting in threads about it.

Vanilla emulation servers have been peaking at 10k+ concurrent players for years. The rose tinted glasses argument isn't just nonsense, it's rude and condescending. Many times I have resubbed to retail, only to inevitably get bored and return to a classic server.

This thread was really difficult to read because of people like yourself who are here solely to repeatedly shove your opinion in everyone's face. You don't like classic, so you can't understand the appeal. However, there are demonstrably many people who have been playing classic for 10+ years straight and have been waiting for this very moment the entire time.

There is a real and strong community of people who want an immersive, social RPG. Classic realms were announced in response to our commitment through private servers, not to try to entice outsiders like yourselves. Things like group finder and transmog are off the table because they would immediately alienate this core market for classic WoW. If you're not in that core market, then we don't need to see post after post from you talking down to us and telling us that we're wrong. Blizzard tried that for years, and they ended up eating their words.

If you have no interest or involvement with the classic game whatsoever, then please stop shoving your nose into this conversation. Some of us never stopped playing classic, we know the game like the back of our hand and we've been waiting for this moment the entire time. I cannot believe that at this point, you still have the audacity to talk about "rose tinted glasses."

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