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Originally Posted by Ma Caque Attaque View Post
The Horde killed him originally. No mention of what happened to his head afterwards.
By we I mean players.

Also something new I found out. The whole Burning Crusade expansion?

It was thanks to KJ. KJ manipulated the Alliance and Horde into invading Outland to kill Illidan. KJ wanted Illidan out of the way and we did it for him without realizing it.
We knew that from the Illidan novel didn't we?
Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Yeah but where would this forum be if not for people speculating endlessly about things Blizzard doesn't give a shit about
Originally Posted by Leviathon View Post
SoL: 20 something know it alls telling other 20 something know it alls they know everything.
Originally Posted by kobebyarlant View Post
All this faction bitching and people arguing with each other and it's Fojar of all people that comes in with reasonable positivity.
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