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I like the idea of a remaster because Vanilla, when you take away the rose tinted glasses, had a lot of issues. Many specs were literally unplayable. And I don't mean that in the Wrathbaby "oh my class/spec is 1% weaker than the top one." No some specs were cardboard cutouts that were intentionally shit because of the idiotic hybrid tax mentality. Good luck playing as a Ret pala or God forbid a balance druid.
Plus the game was a giant grind, lengthy attunements, resistance gear, reputations, slow leveling... just everything is hellishly grinding by today's standards.

So yeah maybe it would be better to fix obvious bad design choices, fix up graphics, introduce helpful if not game impacting QoL changes and eventually brand new content maybe.

But ultimately I voted for "keep it the same" because if TBC came out I know I would want the unadulterated experience so it is kind of hypocritical to change it for those who actually do like vanilla and have been screaming from the rooftops to get it back as was.
Plus each change takes away from that experience and knowing Blizz has a good chance of being so great to kill that undeniably magical something Vanilla had. Ofc can you bring back the time when people lived for the game given that those people now are 15 years older?

Still, original it is.
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