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My old prediction was based on what we knew before 8.0 and imagining a very different story from MoP.

I will repost here my current predictions (based on what we knowe of 8.2), which I had posted in the main BfA thread a month or so ago.

Sylvanas' motivations
- Helya was the one who weakened Vol’jin, leading to his fatal wound.
- Vol’jin was already dead when Sylvanas was appointed Warchief. It was Helya manipulating Vol’jin’s corpse. That’s why Vol’jin can’t remember things clearly.
- Some other entity brought Vol’jin’s spirit back from the Other Side. My bet is Rezan.
- Once Sylvanas was made warchief, Helya leaked information about Eyir and herself to her, leading her to Stormheim and their pact.
- Helya survived her own death due to the pact. She’s now in contact with Sylvanas.
- Sylvanas’ endgame, guided by Helya, is to kill Azeroth and everyone in it, turning the whole world into a realm of undeath, with Helya as its goddess.

Reasons for the War
- The whole war is just a distraction while Sylvanas and Helya work in the background towards their endgame.
- The Void fears Sylvanas because she would lead to the death of the World Soul, and her plans would kill even N’Zoth.
- However, N’Zoth has his own plans, and is trying to get ahead of Sylvanas.
- N’Zoth made a pact with Xal’atath because he knew Sylvanas/Helya would use the blade in their plans. So, he freed the entity in it and replaced it with his own essence, essentially derailing Sylvanas/Helya’s plans.

Final Patch's possible plot
- Final patch is going to be a four-way conflict between Alliance/Horde/Sylvanas/N’Zoth. The Alliance/Horde part will be developed in questing, while the battle between Death and Void will be the theme of the final raid.
- “On the eve of her third death” is about Helya. Her death will lead to N’Zoth freeing himself.
- I still think the final patch will be set in Quel’thalas and both Helya and N’Zoth want the Sunwell to power their efforts.
- I also still think the void elves will be revealed as mostly traitors serving the Void in the final patch. Not all of them, but I think Umbric will be one of the traitors. They will lay a trap to transform more elves, since a lot of thalassians in both sides will be present in a Quel’thalas story. You know where this goes... That’s how void elves will get a “real race” status, but the "new" void elves have a completely different mindset from their predecessors, as dealing with the void was never a choice they made, so they view it as a curse.
- So, in essence, Alliance has been used as pawns of the Void ("The boy king serves at the master's table"), while Horde was manipulated by Death.
- N’Zoth will be freed but not as we imagine it. Rather than breaking his prison, his essence in Xal’atatah will gain a mortal form, in a Nyarlathotep way, and he will be set up as a villain to plague us over future expansions.
- Sorry for any typos; english's not my primary language.

- A better signature coming soon(ish).
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