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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
On a more productive note, why were the Republicans able to block so many judges under Obama but Democrats don't seem able to block all of Trump's appointees?
Maybe for on the fence voters as a campaign technique? Republicans blocked to make themselves look strong that in their eyes they were stopping his last chance to put more Dems in power before he left the office for good. And if they tried that now, with Trump up for reelection, they would be called hypocrites in the coming debates/rallies for attempting to do the same thing and block when Trump technically isn't out of the office for good with a chance to stay supposedly making his current appointments more "valid".

Can you imagine the shitstorm that would occur if Dems went as hard as Republicans did to Obama? That would be a key talking point to try to sway voters that don't yet hate Trump and would still consider voting for him.

After the whole Kavanaugh debacle, they are probably keeping any such measure low-key to not seem petty as if they were just lashing out at anyone he attempts to appoint, unless for strong and legitimate good reason. For example, Ratcliffe last week, completely unqualified, and was called out for it. Trump eventually withdrew him knowing he had overstretched. Someone else will be selected, that won't be such an obvious nonchoice, but watch that it won't be pushed as hard.
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