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Default What if there were more factions than Alliance/Horde?

I don't know if a question like this has been asked before, but I had this crazy idea for a version of World of Warcraft which had several more factions than the binary Alliance/Horde.

So the major factions would be:
  • Alliance: humans, gnomes, dwarves, high elves, etc
  • Horde: orcs, tauren, trolls, goblins, etc
  • Sentinels: night elves, firbolg, dryads/keepers, etc
  • Scourge: undead, humans, aqir, dread lords, etc
  • Legion: fel orcs, satyrs, dread lord, eredar, etc
  • Mercenary: goblins, creeps, etc
  • Resistance: forsaken, blood elves, naga, draenei, etc
  • Old God: faceless, aqir, elemental, etc

All of the factions have loosely sympathetic backstories and motivations, although that doesn't absolve them of any villainous acts they perform. Yes, even the void lords are sympathetic like Sargeras and Lich King became.

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