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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Wasn't Dazar a skeleton though?
Not really a skeleton. More like a semi desiccated-looking Zandalari troll, with surprising muscle tone for a mummy that was interred for tens of thousands of years. Almost like he's still in the process of fully regaining his flesh, and given a bit more time he might even be fully restored, or might have if the players hadn't interrupted that process.

Which would make sense; Zul was trying to revive a legendary king that his people would be willing to follow (albeit with him being the one truly in controll), not to plop an obvious walking, talking corpse on the throne that everyone would immediately think isn't really Dazar restored to life.

It brings to mind conceptually, though obviously not literally, Mannoroth's revival in Hellfire Citadel. Where rather than really being undead, what players encounter comes across more like we're seeing a step-by-step process of Gul'dan relocating and fast-tracking the demon's nether-regeneration, starting with the bones coming back to life and ending with a fully fleshed and rejuvenated Destructor by the last phase of the fight. Like rather than the sort of pseudo half-alive nature of being made undead, we're literally witnessing the process of his physical death in reverse, concluding with him being fully alive again.

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