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That's RPG art. I wouldn't use that to support an argument.

Also, I already mentioned the wings being different in the building and that this is the case both in TfT and Reforged, not solely the latter.

Also, a cobra's hood is not always on display, only when they wish to be threatening. Most of the time they look like any regular snake.

To shorten the argument, to me it looks like they perfected the design instead of completely remodelling it. While it is not always discernable, I am relatively sure that Couatls were cobras in TfT too and that this could be seen on one of their portrait's animations. Should I be right about this fact, both buildings represent a cobra with draconic wings; one of them is relaxed (TfT) while the other is attempting to look threatening (Reforged).

You are free to disagree with me, I am free to disagree with you and we should probably move on.

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