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With Blizzard stories in particular there’s the double whammy of 1) the lore is inevitably retconned to heck so you have no idea what is even going on, and 2) the original story wasn’t particularly good or has glaring flaws in execution.
They're pulpy, action games. If they have a modicum of coherent character development, the dialogue is funny at times and connect that to what's happening in the gameplay then they've done their jobs. I think the "Scourge of Lordaeron" is effective. I think the Grom arc from the "Invasion of Kalimdor" works really well too.

And even when the story's not working as well as it could be -- I think a lot of the characters and concepts do. Archimonde is an awesome antagonist. He's intelligent, intimidating, effective. Kel'thuzad too, is just a great memorable character to my mind. Sophisticated and sensible, despite being a mad necromancer. (Until WoW ruined him)

When they try to be more sophisticated and try to present more complex storytelling is when they fail hard I think because it messes up the pacing. These games should be entertaining first.

As to retcons, the products still exist. WarCraft 3 hasn't ceased to exist because Blizzard chose to retcon aspects of it later. So I think the stories can be judged and read into on their own merits. Even if they're not consistent with one another.

Mists of Pandaria isn't really coherent with WC3, but up until a certain point I really enjoy that storyline.
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