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Issue: Should Democracy Be Compulsory?

The Issue
In response to a slow news week, certain highbrow newspapers have stirred up the debate over voluntary vs compulsory voting.

1. "Compulsory voting makes about as much sense as having the death penalty for attempted suicide," says civil rights activist Marsher Guilarrius. "You can't force people to be free! You can only give them the choice. Besides, if all those derelicts who can't be bothered to get off their butts once every few years voted, who would they elect? I shudder to think."

2. "It's not contradictory at all," argues political commentator Lodaressaiya Jankaira. "The fact is, if not everyone votes, the outcome isn't truly representative. Some groups--like elderly gun nuts--vote more often than others. That's why we always end up with such terrible politicians."

3. "This raises an interesting issue," says Calia Menethil, your good friend and peer. "And that is: why do we need elections, anyway?" She receives a nod from Isiden Perenolde, your other close friend, who continues, "Seems to me it would be much simpler if you just decided what was right, and did it. Wouldn't that save everyone a lot of time?"

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