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Some Kul Tiras ideas that I have:

Boralus replaced the city-state of Kul Tiras City on the other side of the island as the capital of the island "kingdom" because the original keep was in a defendable natural harbor, but the geography was unsuited to be a major trading port. After the city-state was sacked in the Second War, it was not worth rebuilding to its former extent.

The nobility of Kul Tiras act like feudal knight houses, with the maintenance of a knight replaced with the maintenance of a ship or fleet. The mentality is still there.

The Lord Admiral is just an administrator that runs the nation's Merchant Marine. After the second war, Terenas Menethil II tried to use this fact to annex the kingless kingdom, causing some of the seafaring houses to leave the Alliance. Stormwind has also tried this, with similar results.

The island drifted out of Baradin Bay during the Cataclysm not because of tectonic upheaval (as the cover story was), but because the entire island was converted into a ship.

The national dish of Kul Tiras is the "double down" which consists of a sandwich made of two crabs and a grilled fish.
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Okay. It is cool.

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